Select examples of my work for video productions are presented below. Drop me a line to request my full portfolio.


Where you stay is just part of the adventure. But Choice Hotels is there to meet you wherever the journey takes you.

I had so much fun writing voice-over scripting for their expansive video series on travel and tourism, each showcasing the region's must-sees.

Few "get" the driving experience quite like Clint Bowyer, professional stock car racing driver.

Plus perhaps a few everyday commuters seeking that rush of hard acceleration down the open road in their Honda Civic.

That's why Liberty Mutual's HighwayHero app empowers drivers with tools to improve skill and safety.

I had so much fun creating the concept and voice-over scripting for a series of videos promoting the app on social media and other avenues.

Clean air is so essential to looking and feeling your best. And who better to share her tips than the gorgeous Trista Sutter,

runner-up on season one’s The Bachelor and star of the first season of its companion show, The Bachelorette.

I had so much fun writing scripts for a series of vignettes promoting Honeywell’s line of products.

Dealertrack puts the fun back into buying a car. Less waiting. Less paper. A click here and an approval there. Online or on-site.

I had so much fun creating the storyboard and voice-over script for their video showcasing the end-to-end journey.

The safe and efficient operation and maintenance of Hussey Seating solutions protect employees and extend product life.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with the company to write a full range of how-to video scripts accompanying their equipment owner's manual.